About 215 000 solar water heater (SWH) systems have been installed in South African

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About 215,000 solar system (SWH) systems are installed national SWH strategy nationally so far as part of the South African and implementation plan of the year 2009 were.
The strategy was developed, power consumption offset reduce, rising electricity costs for low-income households, to speed up service delivery and hot water renewable energy goals.
This program includes State energy provider Eskom facilitating the system of the one million SWHS in low-cost-housing in the whole land areas by 2014.
The SWH units are by year Eskom subsidy, which accounts for 90% of the costs funded and about half of the systems in combination with carbon credits from the clean installed the balance development mechanism (CDM), the funds.
"A further top 800 000 are SWHS yet until to the end of the national target 2014 we see positive results have already been installed", says Eskom integrated demand management Senior Manager Andrew Etzinger.
Manager Derek Morgan, that more than 9000 adds were SWHS of the eThekwini municipality fall eThekwini Energy Office senior on the first stage of the installation between January and July last year installed, so that households with low incomes, to water heat for free.
In addition he has professed que le programme not only in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the city has led the goal had included benefits of job creation.
"The strict ten-year monitoring program to ensure that the instruments for the period of the CDM cycle kept will has created maintenance job opportunities, and each bearing private service providers is contractually obligated community offering practical training for the members of the individual bearings", said he says.
It also claimed Morgan, that a number of small and medium-sized enterprises have in response to the project activity at each camp area developed.
A second roll out phase in KwaZulu-Natal in November began as a legacy project for the seventeenth framework of the United Nations Convention on climate change (UNFCCC) Conference of the parties, which took place in Durban in December.
This project is the installation of a further top 10 000 systems until end of this month.
Morgan adds que le programme is not without challenges ikte beens.
"The city has more than 160,000 households on low incomes, creating a huge demand for SWHS, and we will fight for the expectation that everywhere will get a unit to meet", he said out.
However, the grant award in the responsibility is mostly Eskom.
Further, take apartment buildings instead of individual apartments equipment in bulk, low-cost.
"These developments based on the number of units, existing power and water supply, roof construction and access be chosen" Morgan explained.
The passive SWH system was chosen for the program because it does not require a pump to water from the reservoirs to the storage unit circulate opposed of active SWH year.
The passive system uses gravity trend for hot water to cold water rise up and circulate the water pressure for water from the reservoirs to the storage unit, making the need for year-round electric pump.
The private service provider for the program provided elected were elected, that each bearing supplied shoulds without costs for the community directly or of the recipient.
"Companies can submit applications to the UNFCCC which claim carbon credits for this project on the CDM essentially negates based their costs:" Morgan says.
In the meantime, he believes que le successful implementation of SWH program in eThekwini can serve as a starting point for the execution of other municipalities in ICT.

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