A broken solar water heaters and other indecision points

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Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

Less than 24 hours before the 70 people on our house down at Easter we smelt gas. This is regarded in General as undesirable before an oven to 500 degrees to a £21 ham roll cooked get direction. So we called the centerpoint guy who took control on our stove, was leaking, which is a problem that we talk to, if it gets cold again. This is a number of months off between 8 and infinity. But the penetration was our hot. (Probably the two engines were either along the attic or fighting to get bored.)
At any rate have both shut down. The broken water heaters present a major problem since it you know warmed the water. Until now, we have this by regular use of our YMCA membership. But we are aware that this issue requires a kind of action. Only we are notoriously slow to make repairs at home.
Web consensus is that a gas hot water heater on about 8-12 live years, that is to say, we have been lucky with us, what goes back tends to 1996. I take repair is an option, although that seems pointless as an old boiler. Solar seems a good way to be green and spend much more money, provided our ageing roof could be even this burden. Some friends support the tankless version, others say it is not they are a good fit for an older home like the ours, and again others beat in order for an older House, for so long, how to make a tankless heater experts have the installation. In other words, one of Nicki Twitter friends ordered a water heater on Amazon and had to install her husband. (I will not go this route.)

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