3 M and Gossamer Space frames inaugurated for the first largest in the world through satellite dish installation - a new benchmark in solar collectors opening

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Split Pressurized Solar Collector

ST. PAUL, Minnesota, may 02, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Division of 3 M renewable energy has partnered with Gossamer space frames to publicize a new technology of parabolic solar collector designed to significantly reduce the cost of equipment and installation of the CSP systems used in power generation. The depression of opening large 73 (LAT 73) has a factor of more than 100 times concentration and size of opening of 7.3 m, both points of benchmark for the industry.
The system combines the durability, design flexibility and high reflectivity of 3 M (TM) Solar Film mirror 1100 with the innovations of mechanical design of space structures Gossamer, the result is a system of thermal solar power that reduces the cost of installation of a solar collector cilindroparabolicos field more than 25 per cent. The demonstration system is fully operational and is installed on the Sunray in Daggett, California power plant. Sunray is owned and operated by Cogentrix Energy, LLC (Cogentrix) and is the longest serviceability of CSP in the United States. An event ribbon-cutting ceremony and organized by Cogentrix, 3 M and spider silk is scheduled for May 02, 2012 in installations of Sunray to enter the demo system.


"LAT technology is exciting for the CSP industry development, since it shows the possibilities of solar concentration technology," said Dr. Dan Chen, business development manager, 3 M renewable energy division.
"By combining 3 M innovations in materials and Gossamer space frames innovations in structure and alignment, we are leading the industry in a new trend of cost reduction," said Glenn Reynolds, President and co-founder of Gossamer space frames. "Many in the industry thought that the rebirth of the CSP was not possible, but we are happy to demonstrate you are wrong." This design not only revitalize the CSP, but the entire system consists of components of American manufacture, in turn, helps create jobs in United States. We are delighted to continue leading the way in the CSP "."
3 M renewable energy and Marcos Gossamer Division space, located in Huntington Beach, California, have collaborated closely in the LAT 73. Technical and economic feasibility of the system is enabled by 3 M 1100 reflector mirror film solar panels, which are 50 percent lighter than glass, and offer 94.5 per cent of the reflectivity (weighted total hemispherical reflectance solar). The combination of a superior optical performance of the film and a light weight allows high precision, great collector of opening design. The national laboratory of renewable energies (NREL) has verified the performance of the system, measured with optical precision of more than 99 percent.

"We are pleased to be the first site for this state-of-the art technology," said Sid Frymyer, General

Compact Unpressurized Solar Collector Manager of Sunray Energy. "Innovative developments like this help demonstrate the on-going advancements that lower the cost of solar energy within the U.S. power supply mix."


The new system began operating in October 2011 and offers one maximum of about 275 kw of electrical power to the output of the installation of Sunray, all which is provided under contract with Southern California Edison.
3 M and Gossamer Space frames have been great interest in the LAT 73 of the system of the global solar industry. A second 73 LAT of the project is underway in the southern United States.UU., with the project start-up by June 2012.
About 3 M 3 M capture the spark of new ideas and transforms them in thousands of clever products. Our culture of creative collaboration inspires a current endless number of powerful technologies that make life better. 3 M is the company of the innovation that never ceases to invent. With $30 billion in sales, 3 M employs about 80,000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries. To get a record eighth consecutive year, 3 M awarded the 2012 ENERGY Star Sustained Excellence of the environmental protection agency of the United States.UU. and the U.S. Department of energy.UU. for their extensive global energy conservation efforts. 3 M is a trademark of 3 M Company.
About Cogentrix Cogentrix is a leading developer, owner and operator of energy independent in North America. Cogentrix was founded in 1983 and has been continuously at the forefront in the development and evolution of the market of independent power. Cogentrix has been directly responsible for the development, engineering, construction and operation of facilities of fossil and renewable energy with a combined generating capacity of more than 5,000 MW.

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