Three ways for saving and paying itself of solar water heating system

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Solar water heating system saving in 3 ways

1. Save on Energy
Use the Sun's free energy, you can reduce hot water energy consumption by 50% to 90%, Depending on where is your location. That is to say, up to 90%, less gas or electricity to be generated.
2. Save on water heating costs
Reducing your energy consumption will give you real dollar savings every day. An average family can save money in its energy bill every years. With energy costs increasing, it could save even more in the future.
3. Save the environment

You will not only greatly save your energy costs, take advantage of the sun, the Avenue of Stars free energy is a great environment. Compared to traditional electric water heater, a family of four with a Solahart water heater can save up to three or four tons of greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, the small car off the road, so you can imagine the benefits for our future generations and the future of the planet.

solar water heating system (3)

Solar water heating system pays for itself in 3 ways
1. Significant savings in the cost of your hot water
Your savings quickly add big savings throughout the life cycle of the solar water heater products.
2. Government incentives and rebates for soalr water heating system
Sunflower solar water heater is a good environmental friendly product, incentives and renewable energy certificates and some countries provide a further rebate of the government, it can significantly reduce the initial investment of a new solar water heater.
3. Sunflower solar systems last longer
With our experience, Sunflower solar water heaters have been shown can last for a longer time than a traditional water heater, which means that you, you can still enjoy the hot water from the sun for years but your neighbor need to replace the traditional system.

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