The working principle of solar hot water system

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Solar hot water system is a technology that uses the sun's heat energy (heat). Typically used for this heat for heating the water, with the inside of the household, commercial, swimming pools, and for heating of buildings (space heating).


In order to heat the water by using sunlight, the solar thermal collector heated fluid is pumped through. As the fluid is pumped through the collector, the fluid becomes heated. The now heated fluid, and then pumped out of the current collector body, and through a heat exchanger.
The heat exchanger is usually made ??of copper, usually of the solar storage tank found. This makes the heat in the fluid to be transmitted - or exchanged, named - into the water in the reservoir tank.
The solar thermal storage tank system is an important element, because it is stored for use when it is necessary to allow the heat generated by all the solar collector.
The solar collectors are divided into high, medium and low temperature collectors by EIA.

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