The working principle of Solar Water Heating System

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A familiy usage solar water heating system is a very simple and maintenance free to reduce their monthly energy costs immediately. Both vacuum tube solar water heaters and flat plate solar hot water system operates in a similar way.
Mostly, residential systems adopt solar hot water with vacuum tubes, cold water flows into the bottom of the split storage water tank.

The solar loop heat transfer fluid (usually a mixture of water and glycol) is pumped to the solar collector.


Inside the solar collector, which is heated by the solar energy. Vacuum tubes are very efficient at cataching heat from the sun and transfer to heat this fluid.
When the fluid circulates through the evacuated tube solar collector and heated, then down again pumped into the heat exchanger in the solar tank, heating the water in the solar tank.
Above system is juet one of the most common designs for usage in a household solar hot water system. Other designs of solar water heating sytems are also available, and can be used depending on your detail application.
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