The use of solar power equipment in life

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Solar energy has the advantages of pollution-free, sustainable, large total, wide distribution, etc. It is favored in the global energy transformation and upgrading environment. Coupled with the development of the photovoltaic market in China, the United States, India and other countries, it is even more eye-catching. In addition to large-scale solar photovoltaic systems, there are also solar energy applications.


Building solar energy

1. Roof type distributed solar energy

The principle of roof-type distributed solar energy is to install a solar power generation device at the top of the house, which uses photoelectric technology to convert solar energy into usable clean electricity. Such solar applications, while powering the home, can also sell surplus electricity for additional economic income.

Although rooftop-type distributed solar energy makes full use of the roof while not occupying land, the cities with high-rise buildings are difficult to promote and apply, and the suburbs can have better effects.

2. Window with solar energy

The solar energy of the window is installed on the window by a solar cell made of a film with a high transparency or a special coating, and the conversion efficiency is low, but the function of generating electricity and transmitting light can be combined.

At present, solar energy is installed on windows. Scholars in the United States and Japan have been developing and researching, trying to make electricity from solar windows provide electricity for room lights, computers, and even air conditioners, and the appearance of windows can be no different from ordinary windows.

3. Solar energy greenhouse

Apply solar photovoltaic power generation system, photothermal system and new nano-imitation eco-transfer film technology to greenhouses, improve photosynthesis of plants, improve the quality of crops and increase farmers' income in an environmentally friendly form.

4. Fishing light complementary

That is to say, solar panels are laid on fish ponds, and photovoltaic panels can also block sunlight, reduce water temperature and promote the development of aquaculture.

5. Photovoltaic farming

Construction of photovoltaic power plants on the roof of farms to transform and upgrade traditional livestock farming and provide green energy.

6. Sewage treatment system

After converting solar energy into heat energy and electric energy, it can be effectively applied to sewage treatment. There is almost no secondary pollution and energy transfer, which can solve the increasingly serious environmental problems in rural areas.

There are also some constraints in the combination of photovoltaics and agriculture. For example, solar energy equipment is not easy to dismantle after construction, which affects new agricultural planning. In the season when sunlight is low, photovoltaic panels cover sunlight and reduce plant photosynthesis. In addition, although photovoltaic agriculture has policy subsidies, its price is still relatively high and does not apply to ordinary farmers' families.


The traffic

1.Solar street light

Common solar street lamps are mostly powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, using colloidal batteries to store electrical energy, super bright LED lamps as light sources, and controlled by smart charge and discharge controllers, solar cells are charged during the day, and batteries are discharged at night. Source lighting.

More and more solar street lights are common in parks, scenic spots, schools, and government agencies. However, solar street lamps have problems such as unstable battery waterproofing and insufficient power generation during the day, which remains to be resolved.

2. Solar road hub

Foshan, China has established the country's first solar energy transportation hub, installing solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the transportation hub. The power generated can be used to charge electric vehicles in addition to being used in nearby buildings.

3. Solar electric car, electric bus

Electric vehicles are not difficult to see in life. They use electricity as an energy source to supply power by installing lithium-ion batteries. If they are paired with solar energy, they can reduce driving costs, emit no harmful gases, and generate no environmental pollutants.

4. Solar pavement

Placing solar panels on the road reduces the need for traditional power plants; intelligent sensors can illuminate lane boundaries and road signs, and even warn drivers to be wary of dangerous objects. The prospect of solar pavement is promising.


Sunshine, something that cannot be lacking in life, the sun that human beings depend on gives us a lot, and now people are developing more sun to bring us convenience, more and more solar technology has made our future life full. With the unknown and expectation, and looking forward to the future of solar technology, all aspects of application will promote the rapid development of our lives.

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