The prospect for Evacuated tube solar water heater

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The prospect for Evacuated tube solar water heater

In this year, because of the economic downturn for domestic and abroad market with a heavy blow to the solar energy industry.

Once we talk about water heaters, people will simplely think evacuated tube solar water heater, gas water heater, diy solar water heater, homemade solar water heater. In recent years, the solar water heater market is almost full, solar water heater manufacturers are hard to move forward.

Solar heating system

In addition, the  evacuated tube solar water heater industry appears in a vicious competition. The whole market turns to be a unhealthy condition. 
In fact, solar water heater is just one application of solar thermal, but it could also meet a variety demands of residential, commercial, industrial hot water and heating. People need to reconsider and reposition of the solar water heater industry, and the industry also needs to accelerate its technology innovation, product upgrades and wider application. 
In recent years, to promote building energy efficiency, development of green building has become a social consensus around the Green Building Guide Specifications have also introduced. Transformation of heat metering and energy-saving, for example, according to the plan, "the second Five-Year" period China to complete the north of existing residential building energy-saving more than 400 million square meters, than the "Eleventh Five-Year" period an increase of 250 million square meters, complete the old 35% of the old residential energy-saving tasks, so that about 7 million urban residents to improve the heating and living conditions, and strive to northern heating zone is basically completed in 2020 the mandate of the old residential energy-saving 1.2 billion square meters. 

Solar energy solar water heater

In the broad prospects and trends of the future solar energy and construction integration ", the consumer market demand-oriented use of solar thermal service platform contest has begun. China solar energy heat utilization industry engineering revolution Evolution, all business again, back to the original starting line of the competition. From a single terminal retail product competition, turned to new business models as the core, to participate in multi-main operating system, supporting the overall game. 
But under the new competitive situation, evacuated tube solar water heater project can be taking advantage of the previous advantage into a winning situation, the public attention. In the past two years, solar stand-alone sales toward the era of meager profit, so more digging forces to see the enormous market prospects of solar energy projects, many solar water heater manufacturers have started to vigorously into the engineering market development. 

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