The power of the solar heater for low cost housing

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Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Grahamstown has stalled in 300 solar water heaters in new low-cost housing to help reduce the demand of the national energy matrix.
In the initiative, the Corporation held the Eastern province for development (ECDC) has financed a business of energy more than Grahamstown R1m to install solar water heaters.
The company, Lumizone, has already installed 300 solar water heaters as part of the integrated management of Eskom demand management program to reduce the pressure on the national network.
Eskom program has set a goal of 3,000 solar water heaters for Grahamstown for low cost housing units with a goal throughout the country of 1 million units by the end of 2014, established in accordance with the goal of Energy Minister, Eskom says.
ECDC account manager Wayne Mahoney, said solar water heaters are not only a new business opportunity for the Eastern Cape Province, but that it will also help save on electricity bills.
"On average, geysers accounts for 30% to 50% of domestic electricity consumption electricity." "Installation of solar water heaters really help low-income families save," Mahoney said.
Anthony Witbooi, father of three children who lives in the extension of 9, the area of low cost housing which benefited from the project, says that solar water heaters brought comfort to his family.
"We weren't a geyser before." "With solar water heaters installed now will save time since it uses the boiler to heat the water before", said Witbooi, resident for 10 years.
Buyile Siyongwana, who co-founded with Lumizone Lunga Qeqe, said that the company was contracted by Eskom to oversee the installation of solar water heaters 100 each month, reaching 500 units by the end of June.

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