The maintenance of DIY Solar Water Heater

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Usually, it doesn't need a lot of maintenance for solar water heaters, but it is immediately necessary regular monitoring of the entire system to avoid malfunctions and damage. This would make sure a long-term water heating at your service. The following are some areas in the water heating system, need to be checked occasionally.
Collector: Solar Collector constitutes an important part of the solar water heating system and therefore must be carefully controlled for the accumulation of dust particles and the soil during the same time period and also seals and cracks in the glazing material .

Pipes and wiring: Perform checks on leaking pipes, ducts and wiring connections and the insulating material.


Supporting material: Examine supporting material, such as nuts, bolts and screws. Tighten them when necessary.
Storage Systems: Check the storage system corrosion and dust particles inside. Clean regularly with the help of an expert.
You have seen how easy it is to install a solar water heater in your home. In addition, solar hot water is cheap, energy efficient and long lifetime. So what more can you ask? Go ahead and contribute in their own way to conserve energy by using solar water heaters.

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