The appliance tips for home solar water heater

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     The appliance tips for home solar water heater
  Summer began in Shenyang, the thunderstorm type season. To avoid solar installation on the roof, like lightning installed?
First of all, willing, are to buy a solar system, is to point out that the building if not have lightning protection, do not attempt, install solar water heaters.
Of course, in the top of the building with lightning protection, should focus their attention on my. Reducing the height of the water heater to increase the height of the lightning protection system, solar water heaters lower than the lightning rod, try at least 60 cm, to keep a safe distance of about one meter. The boiler is the lightning rod or bolt with the water heater that should do metal frame (seat) ground handling.
Secondly, it is recommended that consumers during a thunderstorm, best not to use the water heater to avoid and reduce the damage caused by lightning, solar water heaters electric helper function, it is best to move the power.

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