Teach you how to install a solar water heater

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Here are the five main steps to install solar water heaters for a home. I need to clarify that you need some knowledge of piping and welding. 

Step 1: Choose the right size solar water heater for your home, your needs and location. Everyone in Ecuador need about 0.7 square meters of solar collectors, in cold climates from 1 and 1.3 square meters per person.

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Step 2: select the most suitable place to install solar water heaters. It must be a place where you can have a good position (in the north to the south, in the hemisphere, north of the southern hemisphere), it is important to choose a place where the sun playing as long as possible, preferably in the morning and afternoon. 
Step 3: The direction of how to ensure that the solar water heater manufacturer's manual. If they do not, make sure it is firmly fixed in place, you choose. 
Step 4: A straight line connecting the cold water, its conventional heater in the bottom of the solar heater. 
Step 5: From the top of the solar water heaters, hot water, which must be connected to your traditional water heater as a backup, if necessary.

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