Sunflower solar water heater reviews

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Sunflower solar water heater reviews

With Sunflower you could enjoy the feeling of confortable shower more. Save your annual hot water heating bill by up to 80%, and make yourself free from relying on your traditional energy consumption. 

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House owners and house buyers are becoming more and more awareness of the cost of energy consumption for hot water heating, make sure installation of a Sunflower solar water heater system will add valuable points to your house. This will only increase as most countries moves towards to adopt solar energy housing standards to save more money for water heating. 
Sunflower provides suitable solar hot water solutions, to make best suit your needs. Our service for you will start from product choice, go to system installation and system operation, with maintenance guide for solar water heaters. 
A Sunflower split solar water heating system make up by a solar collector placing on the roof of your house, and then connects to a hot water storage cylinder inside your home. 
We have three ways of installation. These are: 'In Roof', 'On Roof', and 'Elevated'. For your detail requirements, we can easily match the solar collector size as you needed for your home.
Choose sunflower Solar water heater to save you cost for energy bill.

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