Some brief information on Solar water heating

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Some brief information on Solar water heating

Solar water heater absorbs the sunlight rays for heating water, and then hot water is stored in an insulated hot water tank. On rainy or cloudy days, the solar water heating system may need to backup for heating, usually we adopt electricity heating or gas heating.

What is good about the solar hot water system

Solar Water Heater (6)

Well designed and installed system will support 50-75% of your hot water demands by taking advantage of the free sun's energy. They work all year round using of electricity, gas or other heating equipment when sun's energy can not heat enough water to meet your demands, so you will always have hot water.
What to pay attention
At the beginning, the costs for solar hot water system is higher compared with other hot water heating system.
Not all properties are suitable for solar hot water - please contact supplier for more details.
If you intend to use the electric backup, consult to your electricity retailer or your solar water heater supplier, if a cheaper night tariff is available. If you want to use night rate electricity, make sure that you will get a large enough storage tank.

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