Solar thermal: Solarnor introduces a new solar collector

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Flat-panel Solar Thermal Collector


The Solarnor Norwegian company offering solar heating systems and controllers, has designed a system of solar heating with the aim of providing solar energy in the conditions of competition in relation to conventional energy sources. Manifold Solarnor is an element of standard construction, which can replace roofing material of roof common-o on the façade, the company highlights. On his own account the modular structure opens to flexible adaptations to various architectural solutions.
Solarnor aims to offer attractive surfaces architecturally with the added value of being a supplier of energy to the building or construction. In properly designed solar heating systems every metre square of catchment area, due to the producer delivers between 250 to 700 kWh per year, depending on the location.
Again drain system of heating and hot water floor heating
Drainage of a new solar energy system operates automatically by a pump controller. In periods without the possibility of the harvest solar, the driver stops circulation and fluid in the collectors is draining within few minutes, reports Solarnor. Due to the high flexibility, the Solarnor system can use at different scales, from small systems of tap water for private houses to large industrial or institutional systems, with hundreds or thousands of square metres of catchment. According to the application better Solarnor than a family home combines radiant solar domestic hot water (DHW) heating and underfloor heating systems. A relatively low price makes the manifold attractive Solarnor for use in large applications, such as hotels, hospitals, commercial or industrial buildings and sports fields.

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