Solar pool heating system

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Solar pool heating system
Brief Introduction and Overview
Solar pool heaters can greatly reduce the cost of heating for your home pool. Competitiveness in the cost of solar pool heating systems with traditional propane, natural gas and heat pump pool heaters, but the the monthly fuel or electricity bill.

Solar pool heating system is simple to install, with low upfront costs, and often pay for themselves in as low as 1 or 2 pool season. Many solar pool heating system uses your existing pool pump and filter, which means that no increase in your electricity bill or additional operating costs.


How does it work
The work of these solar pool heater, pool through the filter, the water of the swimming pool, but not immediately return to the pool, but diverted to the rooftop pool heaters. The cooling water through the solar pool heater, it is to use the sun's energy to heat, and then returned to the pool.
One of the biggest benefits is to allow you to enjoy your investment in your pool significant extend your swimming season each year. You can enjoy a warm pool of water much earlier than in the past few months and extend the swimming season, even a year old (live in the area).
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