Solar-panel-in-a-tube generates electricity and hot water at the same time

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solar thermal collectors


Solar photovoltaic cells and solar thermal collectors both capture the rays of the Sun. The first turns the light into electricity, while the other in hot water for heating. They are usually on the roof fight to real estate, but naked energy has a way, to them both into a single merge found solar solution.
The British company virtu tubes from operational efficiency in the tandem it is just learned like a child teamwork, so as you. Vacuum-tight inside each tube is a power production of photovoltaic wafers. Sunlight creates additional heat beating of wafers, then transfers the solar thermal collector with the proprietary, patented heaters technology of the tube.
The transmission holds which include photovoltaic cells, can be to their optimum operating temperature, with sharing a hot system, used to heat a building in a cheap way. In other words, the hybrid design a virtu makes up to 46 percent more efficient at converting sunlight into energy than conventional solar cells.
At the moment, energy naked is still refining and improvement of product design. The developers are with the professors continue at Imperial College in London, to its efficiency to work increase. The company intends to build a commercially available product when it is happy with the solar cell performance.

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