Solar lighting in the application in the pastoral areas

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Vast territory of China, with vast agricultural areas and grazing, but farmers and shepherds liquidity, the distribution of dispersion, individual investors pull a network of enormous energy, so the electricity has become difficult to restrict the exchange of information and limitations of increasing the income of farmers and ranchers, the main obstacles to improving the quality of life of contradictions. Our latest research and development of solar lighting systems and yurt yurts dedicated solar system 100W power supply dedicated completely to solve the difficult problem of electricity and shepherds. The basic principles of solar power generation is the use of semiconductor photoelectric effect, the days in absorption of solar light, solar energy is transformed into electrical energy excess energy stored in the battery, when necessary, can be used directly, when electricity from the battery power for high quality to meet the daily needs. In standby mode, you can save enough energy, even the rainy days in a row, you can still work 5-7 days.
Radiation of solar energy on Earth is enormous, about 40 minutes from the solar radiation on the Earth, you can provide a year of energy consumption for all. You could say that solar energy is really inexhaustible energy, but solar energy is absolutely clean, no pollution, so it is ideal known as solar energy.
Yurt special lighting systems, solar cells solar of high quality, a group 10Wp 12V, 17AH battery (double lamp configuration of the two sessions), a dedicated LED 2W DC solar lamp (lamp double configuration of two), in particular, inform the friends current strong needs of night lighting of farmers and ranchers, in the silence of the nightplunged into the vast Prairie, he lit a lamp and enjoy the convenience of modern technology and comfort.
Special 100W solar system yurt power more powerful, is equipped with high quality solar 20Wp battery, 12V battery 65Ah, power inverter 12V-220V, and a special lamp LED 2W solar DC. Not only to meet the needs of farmers and herders in the general lighting, but also to meet the peasants and shepherds watching satellite TV, wireless Internet access, computers, use a fan, to charge the phone, and many other needs, reduce the distance between the city and enjoy a steady flow of exchange of information and high-quality lifestyle.
Elevator Solar Light insecticide is another small, rapid investment product. You can reduce the use of pesticides, improve the quality of the crop. Lamps with solar energy, and insecticides with light control, time control, stormwater control, automatic loading during the day and night automatically. In an area of light and not there is evidence of the District of light, there is a production neighborhood increased 13.5%, also can reduce the amount of pests down around 80% of eggs, especially for large farms, pest control needs. A cover of the lamp up to 30 acres - 50 hectares of land. Using a special light black insect trap from the management of the spectrum, the use of features phototaxis insects that attract insects to insecticides near 2500V high-voltage lamps to topple, falling on the infestation of the bag. It has important ecological, economic and social benefits.

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