Solar developments in 2011 pave the way for a successful future water heater

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Solar Panel and solar water heaterThe global solar industry has not seen a series of major setbacks in recent years, because reasons such as the reduction of European FIT levels oversupply in the PV industry, global financial conditions and bureaucratic and legal challenges to large CSP in California varies.



However, the global solar industry to these challenges has responded and continue to grow. New feed-in tariffs in other regions are passed, fall module prices lead to rapid growth in investment in the United States and China, and CSP plants become the Government of California and the U.S. Government both technologically sophisticated and environmentally sensitive, while tight regulations of building new facilities.



The combination of technological and political developments in 2011 suggests a considerable future growth. This growth can not always there, where we expect it to demonstrate PV systems in the Ukraine as the example of Ohotnikovo and Perovo. And it may not be the technologies that we expect.



The 100 MW Perovo PV system was included in the December 2011 in operation; Image source: Activ solar   Yet can we expect growth in the coming years in the CIGS PV, CPV and CSP with thermal energy storage. Also as we focused from a solar industry on Germany, to an industry with better various global markets, is Asia and especially China as a second centre of PV demand increases.   All these trends ultimately fuel helps the global energy revolution away from the fossil and nuclear industries and to a renewable future with solar energy as one of the leading-edge technology.

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