Solar collector maintenance tips

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   Solar collectors in the course of just beginning to use the user may not be clear for a long time, and slowly it will explore the experience and law. Use and maintenance of solar water heater, you can pay attention to the following aspects:Solar water heater maintenance tips A bathroom, if the water in the solar system was maintenance of people run always still not rinse, then a few minutes in cold water, cold water floats sink, the principle of hot water, hot water in the vacuum ejector, can then take a bath.

2, Principle 1, after the bath a little hot water solar system service, then a few minutes in cold water, can the resulting hot water wash.   3, according to the weather on the water have decided you can be satisfied with the water temperature. Morning sunny day, water can be filled; overcast or, on a half water tank; rain, keep the water on the cold water.   4 in the night after the bathroom, water heater maintenance tank almost half the 70-degree hot water to heat loss to decisions on the basis of water avoid weather (water, the heat loss is the less, faster), also of the water temperature. Sunny morning full of water; rainy days on 2/3 water.

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