Solar cell installation problems

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Solar cell installation problems

If you need to install a solar energy costs, increased financing costs, maintenence deteriate of solar cells over time, coupled with the continuous cleaning of solar energy - is not as cheap as claimed.

Solar cell materials used need mining - something the Greens oppose even the establishment of solar cells. Delete the old solar cells is also in some of the material they use is considered to be toxic environment.

Solar cell

We were told that If we use the energy savig bulb, we will use about 20 percent of the electricity used for lighting. Sounds good, I've seen the price supermarket has been coming down this energy-saving light bulbs, now just an ordinary light bulb twice the price, they used to be about 6 times the price. 
Energy saving light bulbs contain mercury - a very unfriendly and toxic waste. The use of energy-saving light bulbs have been replaced by the new (but old fluroescent high-tech or old) LED high-tech, it has more than 50 years or so.
The new TV is now using the backlight LED and fluro high-tech as it is cheap to make, use less space, and use the power of approximately 20% of the fluro's, LED home lighing will be approximately 20% energy saving power light bulbs, or like 4% of the old ordinary light bulb, and their disposal would be less toxic than the the solar energy sving bulb!


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