Solar Water Heating system operation and maintanence

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Solar Water Heating system operation and maintanence

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
Your booster's thermostat was set to 60 °C. Lower setting can be harmful to the growth of Legionella.

The water temperature in the solar water heater is close to the boiling point in a favorable climate in the summer.The cooling devices may be needed to prevent water from boiling. It may also be necessary to adapt the mixing valve to reduce the temperature of the water in the tap of the level of safety in the hot summer.

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Solar hot water need to work early in the day to stay in the water tank of water will be re-heated, ready to use at night.
Periodically clean the solar panels to remove dust. You can use a broom, some detergent, scrub to them.
Out of the solar collector to remove the sludge. The heat pump system does not require rinsing.
Please ensure that you open boosters vacation, if the conditions are favorable, turn it off in the summer.

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