Solar Water Heater for home use

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Households can weather the rising costs of electricity and reduce energy consumption through the modification of the geysers and the investment in a solar heating water system.
The company founder Beam solar water heating solar local Graham Mundy said that, although there are many small actions people can take on a daily basis to reduce electricity consumption, focusing on the geyser produce higher rewards.
"Geyser of up to 50% of the energy bills of households, accounts for what families should consider ways to reduce the power of their geysers are pulling", Mundy said.
The purchase of a geyser insulating blanket and the two first few meters of the geyser hot line can make a significant difference. It is affordable and easy to install.
Mundy also explains that the number of air conditioners running in mode of heating in winter should be decreased. "It's a fairly useless heat source, simply because the air conditioner are generally high wall, so the heat hangs around the roof", he adds.
Families should also consider the purchase of a water system with solar heating, which offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the consumption. While there is a relatively high initial cost for the installation of a solar water heating system, Mundy believed that the savings that can be achieved greater than this cost, especially if it increases the cost of energy in the next three years are considered.
"Industrial solar water heating systems can reduce the cost of the heating of water in a 50% Bill." For residential households, the figure is lower, but a significant reduction of 40% of the total bill amid the House can still be achieved ", pointed out."
The State power supply Eskom offers a discount to consumers who install these systems, which reduces the initial expenditure. Mundy noted that the calculation should be done more than three or four years. "Those who install a solar heating system looking to advance financing costs, while other families are looking for a spiral of cost, year after year", he said.
However, stresses that, even for those who are not in a position to finance the installation of a solar system, reducing the energy consumption of the geysers not only possible, but essential.
"Many people do not realize that the first step to reduce your electricity bill may cost as little as R300." Solar Beam, we see how people who invests in a geyser blanket experience-experience savings immediately. Many are then also motivated to [focus on] the biggest problem - the geyser - as well as saving measures of different energy ", concludes.

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