Solar Water Heater for family use

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Domestic Solar Panel
A Swedish family is taking an "echo" challenge for the next six months, and that they are trying to limit their carbon emissions in a study to profile the amount of energy used.
Lindell family moved to a smart House carbon in Haesselby. The project is intended to limit the production of carbon to one tonne of carbon dioxide per person per year.
The current "normal" output is around six or seven tons per year.
Solar panels to cover the roof of maximum power, where the wind energy and hyrdo will allow the Lindells smaller conveniences, as the normal cooking and the computer and the use of electronics.
Energy consumption will be monitored to keep on top of your project objectives, and to help with the carbon footprint of the family also has received a fully electric car capable of 30,000 miles a year.
Eco-tips will be on stand-by for the family, even eating habits to make them more environmentally friendly.

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