Solar Water Heater City to conduct IPO

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Solar Flat Panel (2)

30 April 2012 SolarCity Corporation (San Mateo, California, USA)(UU.) It has announced that it carried out an initial public offering (IPO).
SolarCity hopes to begin initial public offering after a review period, which started on April 26, 2012, when the company introduced the draft documents of registration with the United States.UU. Securities and Exchange Commission.
SolarCity attracts 81 million in latest financing round
SolarCity has attracted significant investment in recent months, including firsthand technology Value Fund Inc.'s (San Jose, California, USA)(UU.) the purchase of 120,000 SolarCity common shares, as well as the acquisition of 81 million dollars in financing of capital in its latest round of financing, as announced on February 29, 2012.
The company is leader in the trend to offer solar energy as a service, offering solar lease contracts and power purchase agreements, which include a choice of money below zero. SolarCity was recognized by FastCompany in February 2012 as number 10 in 50 most innovative companies in the world.

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