Solar Hot Water

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It is a concept of solar energy that was popular at the time was President Calvin Coolidge - but now is ready for a comeback. The heating solar thermal water, using solar energy instead of gas or electricity as a source of energy, could grow in popularity in the coming years, according to analysts and the companies in the installation panel. Although the idea already burned in China, just recorded a slump in the United States.UU. "The idea that we do not have solar thermal energy is crazy," said Bill Green, partner of VantagePoint Venture Partners, which specializes in clean technologies. Interest, however, is beginning to seep, said Alex Winch, Mondial Energy President. Mondial installs solar thermal systems in large buildings and then makes money by reselling the heat generated by them back to the owner of the building. The company headquartered in Toronto has established centres of 100 units of housing for the elderly in Canada systems, and has recently signed letters of intent for the installation in a couple of United States hotels. Solar thermal systems can compensate for the consumption of gas, even in unknown places to enjoy the Sun, Winch said. His first project was the Toronto Beach Solar laundromat. It is snowy in this city at this time, but on the beach Solar system has generated 382 kW in the last week, according to your power meter in line. "I'm in my Office, and I'm looking at literally a snow Bank that is four meters thick," said Winch. "The gas boiler is water that is 10 to 20 degrees hotter than would normally be the of". Solar hot water will probably be one of the topics covered in the Cleantech Forum will take place in San Francisco this week. The Conference proliferation serves as a platform for the launch of new clean technologies. Mostly driving the interest - in addition to global warming and rising energy costs - is the fact that the systems work very well. It is much easier to extract the heat from the Sun that power, according to Gary

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