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HeatingFor a typical family of water can to account for approximately 20% of their annual utility bills. If you have two daughters taking long showers, yours may be somewhat higher.
Before considering the use of solar energy or any other efficient methods of heating water, install showers low flow lockable Tickle (foaming) valves. Also talk to your family about taking shorter showers. This not only reduces water heating costs, but it also preserves our fresh water supply.
Unless you are a consummate craftsman, I suggest having a solar water heater a simple batch. This is known as a passive system because the water moves through it due to input line or only the differences in temperature, pressure, however, can be very efficient and effective.
Trying to build a system active, with collectors in roof systems, plumbing and control, and storage tanks is beyond the skill level of most homeowners. I am a design engineer, and I don't think you can build a system from scratch.
A solar system of lots is used as a pre-heater for the existing water heater. The incoming cold water flows through the solar preheater before going to your water heater. Each grade heats the water in the preheater reduces the amount of electricity or gas used by the water heater.
The system more simple solar batch is called a design panera. Using a water tank of horizontal metal inside a box with a transparent lid. The sun shines through the transparent cover to heat the water. Another slightly more efficient option uses a box of high inclined at an angle to face the Sun. This allows you to more hot water to extract first from the top of the tank.
You can buy a water tank of stainless steel specially designed for this application with the entry and exit of water accessories. If you can find an old water heater that is not permeable, Peel the metal skin and insulation using the internal tank. The painting is Matt Black to absorb more heat from the Sun.
Helps to isolate the closed walls and the bottom of the box, especially if you plan to use most of the year. Heavy insulation is not necessary because the tank will not extremely hot, especially if you are using hot water throughout the day. One inch thick, with foil face rigid foam sheets should be well. Connect them inside the box so that it reflects the Sun's heat in the tank.
Install water valves and piping to the solar tank can be drained and voided during cold weather. Install insulation heavy around pipes to the view and bury underground as much as possible.
The fourth aspect is to identify real consumer. For the main theme of marketing activities, the hearts of companies of solar energy and distributors that be very clear, that is, through this event, for which consumers capture. Such as a consumer, the combination of consumers, communities and companies buy the consumer, and so on. Clearly, we need to make a list of all kinds of consumers, and to develop the appropriate development and sales strategies to meet their real needs, and ultimately, all consumers of all the "cooperation" - red hot to the retail and fleet sales.
Fifthly, the scale of operation is to start strong. This is the key - if companies of solar energy and distributors at the door only on its own to carry out some activities cannot affect the regional market of consumers, then sales would be difficult to rapidly improve. Obviously, only the scale of the operation to start strong will be the full impact of the impact of activities in the entire regional market, so most consumers know and the focus of the activities have the potential to achieve hot sales. Therefore, companies of solar energy and distributors learn the premise of the cost, smart activities to achieve large scale operations, and ultimately rewarding sales.
The sixth is the efficient marketing. Obviously the issue of marketing activities on a large scale be accompanied by effective marketing to actually affect the entire regional market. Of course, this is also a cost-effective marketing to start. Therefore, solar energy companies and traders must learn to operators of communications, content of communication, communication and other aspects of the control of the scientific quality at the lowest cost, to achieve maximum transmission efficiency.
Learn the scientific aspects of cost control is seventh. Taking into account the large number of solar energy companies fund their operations do not sign, must be an important theme in the costs of marketing for effective control activities. According to Shen teachers of sea in the country and on the Russian market to do a lot of issues of marketing, the general term of 2 to 4 months of great events, take 2 to 30,000 yuan, which is able to achieve excellent sales results. Of course, if the cost is more suitable, or the current situation, to provide 5 to 80,000 yuan in operating costs and your sales results will be more attractive. Therefore, solar energy companies need to be owner of the actual situation, to effectively control the activities of the operation, the cost of control costs is not a prerequisite for good sales down end.
Eighth aspect is the perfect computer to carry out. This is a very good understanding, i.e. companies in solar energy and distributors to start an important topic in the marketing campaign, be sure to configure the implementation of the activities of a good team, be products, sales, advertising, promotion, service, installation, logistics and the start other work-related and the finalization of the quality of working together to promote the activities of the perfect place to achieve the final hot sales. This is very important. Many companies in solar energy and distributors involved in marketing activities, the reason why the results are poor, the lack of which is an excellent executive team aspect cannot be ignored. Therefore, solar energy companies and retailers must work to deal with this piece in place.
Stayed in the fight in the ninth aspect is the length of time. Do anything to achieve good results, take some time. Obviously, the Organization at large scale marketing campaign to achieve good theme, hot sales, but also they give time. According to practical experience master Shen at sea, usually held once to the main theme of activities prior to the marketing of a month, you can see the full effect of operating a month and a half, while the operation of two to four months, can reach explosive sales. Therefore, distributors and solar energy companies organized an important topic in marketing activities, also treated in time, not anxious, otherwise, gather the ends.
Over nine companies of solar energy and distributors who market activities to achieve a major theme of the popular need to understand the basic elements of a real need to be in place. 

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