Solar Hot Water--Is it right for you?

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The use of hot water
Solar water heating is usually more viable economically more people at home and in the hottest water that is used. This means that more hot water you use, the better your savings.
Design House
The design and location of your home are also important - that will determine how easy that is to have installed solar hot water, and well it works the solar water heating system.
The solar panels that dealing with the North, or as near as possible to the North, so it will have a section of ceiling:
Faces North or close to the North.
You have a good exposure throughout the year in the Sun (ideally without a shadow - and remember, with the angle under the Sun, the shadow is likely to be higher in winter).
It is large enough to accommodate panels collectors (usually between 2 square meters and 6 square meters).
It is preferably located near the hot water storage tank, or near the place where the hot water (e.g., bathroom or laundry room) is used.

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