Solar Energy for the construction do "addition"

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In the ongoing development of energy, solar and integrated building shows a widespread recognition, to promote the rapid development momentum. NORIT energy Qi Kun project director told reporters Sina network real estate, said: "the integration of Norit and other companies of solar energy in the power of the energetic efforts, with the awareness of energy conservation and the large expanse of urban high-rise building Solar Buildings account." been included government departments, design institutes, real estate promoters, solar companies, widely recognized by consumers, government departments to promote solar in the corresponding policy it must indicate clearly defined and vigorously promote "integrated solar energy building" of the model, priority support the project of integration in Jinan, Yantai, Shanghai and other cities have introduced more than 30 buildings to install solar energy policies and regulations required for the development of the construction of integrated solar energy and laid the Foundation for policies. "

Solar Energy for the construction do "addition"
SFB series Solar Collector
The purpose of the combination of solar energy and construction is to make solar energy as an integral part of the building, so the solar technology has matured to become a product of actual construction, the construction of low carbon, energy saving, protection of the environment, green building, energy conservation and the construction of the main thrust of energy conservation.
MC executives believe that solar energy and building attachment there, for the construction of solar energy that do is "Also", the real effect is the use of 1% of the construction costs represent 10% of the energy consumption of the building. The most important is the efficient construction of energy energy-saving technological advances, more mature, more convenient and more effective technology use is the integration of solar energy and building technology. The integration of solar energy and building integrated applications include: building integrated solar thermal, solar photovoltaic integrated and the construction, the integral application of solar and conventional energy integration. All these applications are the best way to achieve the seamless integration of solar energy and architecture, intelligent control of the occupants of the building a high degree of comfort to enjoy the high, and 95% of the entire building can be derived from solar energy.
SFB series Solar Collector (1)
Currently, the total energy consumption of the construction of the proportion of energy consumption of the relatively large social total, air conditioning water hot, heating and accounts of energy consumption of about 65% of the construction of energy consumption and the use of solar energy, the full realization of solar energy and building integrated solar thermal energy and optoelectronic integrated application integrationsolar hot water can add 15% of building energy consumption, heating cooling system, to solve 50% of building energy consumption, solar energy can save 30% of building energy consumption, you can build the ideal room for zero energy.

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