Solar Collectors

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How solar collectors work?
A solar collector is essentially a flat box and is composed of three main parts, a transparent cover, the tube, the coolant and the insulating backplate. 

Although this surface through the transparent surface of the solar radiation incident solar collectors in the solar collector is suitable for the greenhouse effect principle; The inside of the solar collector is usually evacuated substantially trapped in the energy contained in the solar energy collector, which contains the heating of the coolant within the tube. The pipes are usually made of copper, and backplane are painted black to help absorb solar radiation. 

solar collector (1)

The solar collectors are usually insulated to avoid heat loss.
Active solar water heating
The main part of the active solar hot water system
Solar collectors to capture the sun's energy transfer to the cooling medium
A mobile solar collector and the storage tank between the fluid circulation system
Storage tank
Backup heating system
The operation of the control system regulating system
The two main types of solar hot water system is a closed loop system and open-loop system. Cycle between the open loop system using water as a coolant, the water of the solar collector and the storage tank.
There are two main types of the open-loop system these are draindown system and recycling system, the two systems of the main principle is the activation of the circulation, the temperature reaches a certain value of the tank from the collector electrode of the solar collector.
In the drain, a valve system is used to allow the solar collector, to fill a certain temperature is reached, with the collector of the water.
Being pumped to the collector when the temperature reaches a certain threshold value in the water storage tank through the recirculating system.

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