Solar Collector's Installation and Maintenance

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021903f6444908a5c8bbe074a1e62b0538a3cc02The proper installation of a solar pool heater depends on many factors. These factors include solar resources, climate, local building codes requirements and security issues. Therefore, it is best if a qualified solar systems contractor for your system.
After the installation, proper maintenance of your system is so that it runs smoothly for 10-20 years. Ask your contractor and read in the owner's manual for the maintenance. Their collectors should require little maintenance, if the pool chemical balance and filter system are reviewed regularly. Glazed collectors must be a natural thoroughly cleaned in dry climates, where rainwater is not available.
Control potential contractors for the installation and / or maintenance, which ask following questions:
Has your company have experience in the installation and maintenance of solar pool heaters?
Select a company, the experience with the installation you want the type of system and maintenance of the applications that you selected.
How has many years of experience your company with solar heating installation and maintenance have?
The more experience the better. Request a list of past customers who can provide references.
Your company is licensed or certified?
With a valid plumbers and / or solar contractor's license is required in some States. Contact your town and district for more information. Confirmed licensing with your state contractor licensing board. Licensing can also say Board, on any appeals from State-licensed contractors.
For contractor information, see professional services and product information resources on the right side of this page (or below, if you have it printed out) listed.

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