Solar Collector System Maintenance and Repair

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Solar water heatingSolar energy systems require to keep efficient regular inspections and maintenance. Also from time to time, components may need repair or replacement.
You could be in the position, some of the inspections and maintenance work on your own, but others may require a qualified technician.
For assistance in finding qualified technicians, see Learn more resources on the right side of this page (or below, if you have found this page printed) listed. Ask for an estimate in writing, to get work done before it. Some systems can make it more cost effective to replace off or remove the solar system as it repair.


Regular inspection list
Here are some suggestions for inspections of the solar system components. Read your owner's manual for a recommended maintenance plan.
Collector shading
Visually shading of collectors to check during the day (in the morning, lunch and afternoon) on an annual basis. Shading can influence on the performance of solar collectors. Vegetation to produce shading was not there when the collectors were installed in the course of which property can time or the new construction on your House or your neighbor.
Collector pollution
Dusty or dirty collector badly cut off. Regular cleaning may be needed in dry, dusty climate.
Collector glazing and gaskets
Look for cracks in the collector glazing, and verify that seals in good condition are. Plastic glazing, if overly yellow, must be replaced.
Plumbers, plumbing and electrical connections
Look for leaks at pipe joints. Check channel connections and gaskets. Lines should be sealed with a mastic connection. All cable connections should be tight.
Piping, Canal, and the isolation of the connections
Check for damage or degradation of the insulation cover pipes, channels, and cabling


Roof breakthroughs
Blink and sealants to roof Durchdringungen should be in good condition.
Load-bearing structures
Check all nuts and bolts fastening the collectors on all structures to support the tightness.
Pressure relief valve (on liquid thermal collectors)
Make sure that the valve is not jammed open or closed.
Damper (in solar air heaters)
If possible, you make sure, correct that the valves open and close.

Pumps or blowers
Verify that distribution pumps or blowers (fans) are operating. Listen to see if they come on whenFlat Plat Solar Collector the sun is shining on the collectors after mid-morning. If you can't hear a pump or blower operating, then either the controller has malfunctioned or the pump or blower has.


Heat carrier fluids
Antifreeze in the liquid (hydronic) solar thermal collectors need to be replaced regularly. It is left to a task best to qualified service personnel. If water is circulating with a high content of minerals (i.e. hard water) in the collectors, mineral deposits in the piping can must be removed by adding an en scale or mild acid solution of water every few years.
Storage systems
Check storage tanks, etc., to cracks, leaks, rust or other signs of corrosion.

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