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For a normal family, water heating occupy than 60% of the average household utility bill. Installation of solar water heating systems, you can reduce by 60-80% annually water heating energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
How it works?

Evacuated tube solar collector using energy from the sun to supply hot water for homes and businesses.

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Solar collector parts
Solar Collector manifold
Rock wool insulation
Main copper pipe (liquid flow)
Stainless steel or Aluminum alloy mounting bracket
Vacuum tubes (solar absorber)
Aluminum fins (For heat transfer)
Solar Collector operation
Step 1: Sunlight is absorbed into the vacuum tube and makes it heated.
Step 2: Heat pipe inside the tube, which transfer the heat to the manifold box.
Step 3: The fluid from the storage tank is recycled to the mains, and extracting the energy from the hot heat pipe tips.
Step 4: New heating fluid circulates and returns to the storage tank, where it can be used, the cycle begins again.

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