Questions about solar hot water heating saving

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Questions about solar hot water heating saving

Parliamentary Commissioner for Environment has been published to the report of the solar hot water heating.

Solar water heater for saving electricity, rather than when it is in the dark days, cold in the winter a new report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Environment said.

solar thermal collector (3)

Commissioner Jan Wright refer to solar hot water heating and renewable energy released her report last Thursday.
The report looks at the extent of solar water heater can help reduce the need to build more fossil fuel power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, the main climate-changing greenhouse gases. "Although solar water heater to save electricity, they are the most effective conservation is most needed - in the cold, dark days of winter, when people own hand heaters and lights running and fossil fuel power plants to meet this demand peak, Dr. Wright said that "even in a large number of solar water heater is not conducive to flatten peak demand. However, Andrew Booth, solar power company Solar City Chief Executive said, the findings of Dr. Wright is the "step" from international guidance and the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Anyhow, the International Energy Agency encourage all countries to promote their funding for solar hot water heating.

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