Progress energy solar water heaters use energy 1/3 finds study

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Heat Pipe Solar Water Heater

Progress energy customers 235 saved on average $ per year by switching to solar thermal water heaters, what an average annual savings of 63 percent on the water heater part of their electricity bill.
These are the results of Raleigh, NC-based progress reported this week on the NC Utilities Commission to conduct a pilot project with 150 customers, testing the efficiency of solar thermal water heating. In the context of the one-year pilot project was progress $1,000 in the direction of each customer costs for the purchase of a solar water heater.
The company says that more than 15% of the electricity in a typical House is used for hot water. Solar water heaters use the Sun as a primary energy source, with electricity (or natural gas) as a backup.
Solar water heaters are known for their high efficiency performance as well as their high price tags, as much as a conventional water heater costs about 10 times to 20 times. Progress to report, that the purchase and the installation of solar water heaters average $7.271 per household, that of $4,000 to $12.375 per house.
Homeowners rarely pay the full price, but. In North Carolina, for example for qualified solar water heaters for a 30 percent federal tax incentive and 35 percent state tax credit (up to $1,400), what to cut costs by about half.

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