Potential and Development of solar energy

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Potential and Development of solar energy

Relations in Europe, Asia and the African continent, as well as those along the strip of the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean between the land, the state has long been the global energy development key. Solar water heater design, solar water heater panels, evacuated tube solar collectors are all in potential. 

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region until recently liabilities exceed its assets, as a large area of agricultural land in the region is too dry, the amount of sunlight and blessings. 

Solar energy solar water heater

However, all this is changing. More than 6 kWh/m2 every day in many parts of the direct radiation, so that, great solar potential. If we add to the growing demand for electricity increased the price of solar technology, the recent fall with the right policies, may make the hub of the region of the solar expansion.
By solar server report will explore the current state and in the Middle East and North Africa region, land, energy from the sun and the energy deposits in the ground have an unusual relationship, the future potential of solar technology can accommodate the growth of solar energy market and industries.

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