Passive Solar Water Heating System

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Passive solar water heater - Smart investment
In the past two decades, passive solar water heaters, high-performance and durable design ensure trouble-free maintenance and minimize costs, has won a good reputation. This is a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to take advantage of the sun's energy to provide the energy needs of your homes and businesses.

Passive solar hot water system provides an average of 80% -90% of household annual water heating needs. Average nearly 1/3 of the electricity of the solar hot water system designed for heating water, is the best choice and a wise investment for your house and the environment. Energy conservation payment system in as little as three to five years.

Solar Water Heater (3)

The solar water heater is a self-contained system. Independent power, it can let you know your water heating costs will not increase from the peace of mind. It also allows you to enjoy the hot water even during power outages.
Consumer benefits of passive solar water heater:
• Available in a variety of climate
• Independent energy
• Hot water power outages
• No increase in fuel costs in the future.
• Improve the environment
• Easy to install - do-it-yourself kit
• Easy operation and maintenance
• Easily retrofitted to any existing water heater
• No mechanical or electronic components
• Low investment, high return
• Savings in the payment system in 3-5 years
• Reduce the use of cost - low maintenance costs
• Equipment blend with the architecture
• provide additional hot water storage
• 30-year design life - hurricane-resistant
• Proven effective technology
• Performance testing and certification
• 10-year warranty
• Select the appropriate toolkit supports customer service representative
• Technical assistance to install solar engineers

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