Oregon re tools solar incentives solar requirement for public buildings

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Energy Trust of Oregon (Portland, Oregon, United States) has made a few changes to the solar electric buy down program recently.
The solar incentive program, which in May 2003 in the life called, power and Pacific is the customers of Pacific gas and electric co. (PGE), to install the new photovoltaic (PV) systems on new or existing homes, commercial and municipal buildings, farms and municipal facilities.
Residential PV incentives for Pacific power went PGE customers
The residential PV incentives fell from $ 1.25/watt (W) to USD 1.00 / W for Pacific power and of USD 1.75 / W $ 1.25 / W for PGE. The residential area maximum limit for PGE fell from $ 10,000 up to $ 7,500 for both home owners and third-party-owned systems.
Fixed discount levels for commercial, industrial, non-profits and Government systems for USD 1.00 / W
Commercial discounts were based already on the system capacity, with higher discount levels for smaller commercial systems. Non profit and Government systems could be the benefits of the slightly higher discounts than other non-residential systems. Now the discount levels for commercial, industrial, non-profits and Government systems at us $ fastened 1.00 / W, with a maximum ceiling of $ 15,000 for Pacific power and $ 75,000 for PGE.
Solar panels on public buildings
2008 Oregon has required that public works solar belong, if the total price of the order is $ 1 million or more. Under this condition, solar for at least 1.5% must make up the entire contractually agreed price.
March 2012 1533, issued SB request changed the solar requirement to a "green energy". Under the new rules geothermal and solar technology can be used, to meet this requirement to January 1, 2013. Green energy technologies including geothermal electric and geothermal direct use, solar power, solar thermal energy and passive solar.

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