New SEIA survey: nearly 75% of Americans say good heater solar hot water for growth and employment

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Solar water heater systemGood news. Solar water heating in spite of increasingly less attention in the United States.US, according to a survey released by the Association of industries of Solar energy (SEIA) shows strong public support for solar water heating and I agree that the solar heating of water helps the economy and create jobs.
The independent study conducted by Gotham research group shows that 74% of Americans agree with the statement: "the growth of the solar water heating industry will create jobs and help the American economy".
The breakdown of aid depending on the region, 80% of the residents of the Northeast, 78% of the inhabitants of the central region, 69% of the residents of the South, and 73% of Western residents agree with the above statement.
Ironic is that the South, which has abundant hours of Sun and heat, according to the claim less than the Northeast. The solution is more solar customer education, promotion and marketing in the United States.USA, but especially in the South.
The survey also revealed that the public generally has a positive perception of solar water heating systems, with 48% who have a positive response and 4% had a negative. The remaining 52 percent did not have enough information to have an opinion one way or another the.
Once again, this figure of 52% indicates that the solar water heating industry must increase education of customer and marketing if the industry is growing as fast as the photovoltaic solar.
Another indicator of the education gap is the finding that 63% of respondents believe that solar energy can be used to heat the water, the construction of buildings for cold heating, swimming pool heat and produce electricity. It is wonderful to have a majority who know of solar thermal applications, but if it were a school examination, which would be a failing grade. We have to fight to get those figures with at least one "C" at the same time next year (75%). More customers are aware of the benefits of solar energy and the economy, sales will increase for these applications.
As for support for the set of solar grants, including photovoltaic solar, 29% of respondents agreed that the type of power more deserving of the support of the U.S. Government.UU.UU... It was dom. Secondly, 20% opted for the wind, and 18% opted for natural gas. Oil was 16% and nuclear energy entered with only 8%. Finally, scraping the bottom of the concession charcoal barrel with 5% opinion.
While solar is once again at the top of the stack width, should increase such support through customers and responsible politicians, showing how solar is now more profitable than ever. Eventually, solar subsidies give much, but for now, subsidies to fossil fuels must be reduced or eliminated to level the playing field.
What happens with the dynamics of the decision-making process of the customer? Respondents said that either would be "very likely" (6%), "very likely" (9%) or "somewhat likely" (31%) to consider the installation of a system of solar heating of water in your home. That is less than half of the respondents that the solar hot water could be considered.
The reason? As usual, everything comes down to cost. "The cost of the purchase of the system" (72%) and "the cost of system maintenance" (56%) are the two main concerns of residents in all regions and in the major demographic / partisan groups.
In conclusion, there is a majority of support for solar hot water in the States.UU together., but as an industry, need to do more to raise awareness about the benefits of solar hot water in homes and large commercial applications, such as laundry, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, apartment buildings and restaurants.
The survey was conducted by telephone from June 23 to 26 of 2011 in a representative sample of 1,013 adults 18 + who are living in households in the continental United States.

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