Merced solar collector company keeps pace with industry

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Solar thermal technology for solar collector The race itself is certainly intellectually. You think always about something, what every step of the way. For the 400, it is even more, because it is so much more of a strategic race. It is much harder to pace the 400 because nobody can walk and run 400 meters full speed from the gun. So there is a strategy, and it's all on pace and energy output. And then you have in this mix, what do your competitors take.   -Michael Johnson, world record holder in the 400-meter   Richard Maher used to run this race. He set records Merced College, and he is still in school five men 400 800 and 1,500 meters square. He pole vault and was competing in the Decathlon.



MARCI BRASSPLATE MOUNTAIN   Merced Sun-star - Richard Maher, right, owner of RT Maher construction & solar installation, stands on the roof of his house with his employees, from left, Patrick Gallagher, Christian Blakeman and Daniel Gallagher.   Michael Johnson thought about sprinting around the oval reflect Maher own approach on his long-running solar business, RT Maher construction & solar installation. He is in the industry for nearly 30 years, two decades on its own have been.   Minturn nut co., j. Marchini & son, Live Oak farms, del Mar, the Merced County Association of Governments and rich car body - he and his staff have some of the largest solar water heating systems in the County installed his business and residence.   "I am very satisfied handled with the way Richard and his crew even when the job on my property was satisfied", says owner and founder Leonard rich Jr. "we rely on solar energy are now assigned to." He made it as smooth a transaction than anything, what I ever done. "   Keith adds Rigg, General Manager of Minturn mother: "did it in a contemporary way the project has worked well for us they were very easy to work..."   Maher moved from Merced College Fresno State back to the Merced College and Cal State Stanislaus, learning about the solar system and business along the way. To keep body and soul together, he also worked for a technician, built and rebuilt houses and then got $2,000 seed money from an aunt.   He wanted to buy a horse with him, but his mother said: "absolutely not", he recalls, he began his own outfit. He and his father were partners in the early 1990s, the construction of houses in driving park. When he slowly expanded its solar customer base, he wanted to work insurance in places with fire and water damage.   Up to the year 2008 or so, includes solar power by 80 percent to 85 percent of its business. And as with all solar companies, photovoltaic systems was the dominant product. Today, he and five employees install solar pool heating, solar thermal hot water solar applications in ag supply processors, hullers, fountain pumps, and refrigeration and some other services and products.   He tied with Cenergy power in Carlsbad, New Mexico, a much larger company, and they have occupied together various projects, including a $2,000,000 venture in Gilroy. He was a hands-on for years, but nowadays Maher makes most design work and adheres with the technique with a voracious reading schedule.   His companion is his wife, Alberta Miolano Maher, who also is his Office Manager. She grew up in Merced and after adventures in Europe and Hawaii, she Maher met 23 years ago. You is also an ardent supporter of animal rights and serves with happy trails of tails to castrate lobbying for the people and sterilize their cats and dogs.   Solar power in the United States has benefited from subsidies in the form of loans and grants, but the chaotic bankruptcy Solyndra financed last year has led the widespread skepticism about government intervention in the energy market with tax money.   But in the last month a study of centers of excellence found that it employs 3,500 solar companies 35,000 people in California. The report said the State could add as many as 18,000 jobs in the period of three years.   "Federal tax credits and rebates have helped the industry, but they are getting smaller," says Alberta.   On new solar technology, "no jumps" when Maher, but he sees the continued demand for clean energy. Her home on 11 acres in rural Merced is almost entirely solar-powered. "The price of solar energy has become so much it really the entire industry helped get", he says.   The former decathlete gave pause the ongoing local recession, as companies weakened for a few years. He remembers "But Alberta never lost the faith". "It is a good enough industry take."   Just like his driver records Merced College.

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