Maintenance of solar power system in winter

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The demand for electricity in winter is very high, but at the same time, because the winter sunshine is much less than the summer, the maintenance of the solar photovoltaic system in winter is even more important. Next, I will give you some maintenance advice.


1. Photovoltaic array in solar power system: check and tighten the coupling bolts and wires, test the output, and adjust the inclination.


2. Controller: Check the rectifier voltage setting and check that the voltmeter indicates normal. If the battery temperature is below 55 °F, it should be allowed to charge to a higher voltage. If your controller has temperature compensation, it will automatically adjust. If you have an external temperature sensor, make sure it is attached to the battery. If there is no automatic adjustment function, you need to manually increase the voltage and turn it back in the spring (adjust to 14.3 volts). If the controller is not adjustable, try to keep the battery in a warmer environment.

3. Battery (lead acid battery): Check the voltage of each battery, eliminate the failure, and determine whether it needs to be balanced. Balanced charge maintenance if needed (usually 8 hours of moderate overcharge after the battery is fully charged). Wash the liquid or dust on the battery (neutralize the acidic precipitate with dry soda powder). Clean or replace corroded terminals. Vaseline oil is applied to the terminals to prevent further corrosion. Check the battery fluid and add distilled or deionized water if necessary. Check ventilation (whether there are insects in the air duct, etc.). Note: Check the wire size, connections, fuses and other safety measures. Ground lightning protection: Install or check the grounding post or ground wire.

The battery we use is a gel battery. The gel battery is also called a maintenance-free battery. It has high quality and long cycle life. The colloidal electrolyte can form a solid protective layer around the plates, protect the plates from damage or breakage caused by vibration or collision, prevent the plates from being corroded, and reduce the bending of the plates and the plates between the plates during heavy load. The short circuit does not lead to a decrease in capacity and has good physical and chemical protection, which is twice the life of a normal lead-acid battery.


4. Load or appliance: Check for invisible loads or inefficient use. For example, a wall-mounted transformer and a TV with remote control consume power whenever the power is turned on. Does your electric heater automatically adjust the temperature so that the inverter works 24 hours a day? Lamp: Check the black incandescent lamp and consider replacing it with halogen or fluorescent light. Replace the black fluorescent tube. Clean the dust on the light and its mounting bracket.


5. Inverter: Check regulator, installation settings, wiring. Note: The charging voltage of the inverter with charging function should be set to 14.5 (29) volts.


6. Cable maintenance: The cable bears the responsibility of transmitting energy. The connection must be very reliable. After extreme winds such as high winds, heavy rain and exposure, it is necessary to check whether the cables are firmly connected, especially the DC wiring terminals. Loose, lightly affects power generation, but the connection is not tight, causing its heat to burn.


Don't underestimate the maintenance work of the power generation system, handle these details, and send more electricity every day. Over time, the generated electricity is considerable.

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