Let us introduce more information about solar collector to you (Part two)

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Your Choices–An Overview

Solar Water Heater
The type of system you choose, will mainly depend your climate. Freeze-free environments provide a simple, low-cost designs. Using a batch a storage tank heaters as a collector. A direct pump circulates water from a collector on a container. A thermosiphon system requires no pump for the circulation, but only the natural flow of gravity.
Most systems require a certain level of protection. Drainback and closed systems with antifreeze and heat exchanger are the best choice for the freezing of sites. The additional parts that increase costs and reduce efficiency, but since a frozen moment in a disaster turn can, is worth the price.
Direct pump recirculation that hot water are often circulates through the collector, where freezing is a rare event. This is a risky strategy. Drain-down systems developed, water from the collectors drain away, to avoid a freeze, were most of the problems of system design. Many have been removed or converted to be. Phase shift systems which collect heat during the night in theory could using a refrigerant, never made it into the mainstream of the economy. Learned many of the lessons in solar hot water will be presented in a publication solar hot water systems: lessons learned from Tom lane (see access).
Solar Batch Heaters
The KISS (keep it simple, stupid) applies to solar systems. The batch water heater is the simplest of solar hot water systems. As soon as water heaters of the do it yourself (DIY) community known affectionately as Breadbox, has become known as ICS (integrated collector and storage) water heater in the industrial economy. The simple design is directed from a water tank in an insulating box covered with glass to the Sun.
Cold water that normally goes at the bottom of the conventional water heater, is the approach heating redirected to first. There bakes in the Sun all day long, and is what is temperature of the Sun in the position to preheated. Water flows only when used. House water pressure causes the feed new cold water to flow to the inlet of the heating device charge, the lower of the two ports.
At the same time be the hottest water comes from the higher port. It flows to the input of existing water heater, which now serves as a backup to stop the heating job as required. Solar pre-heated water become the cold water input of existing water heater. You save what the Sun can deliver. And you get all hot water, you ask - it's so easy.
By pass Valves Solar Water Heater (1)


A solar bypass is a series of three valves, that you to go to the existing water heater. You can shut down, if the solar collector is alone, such as in the summer months or utility to do the job blackouts. This is a manually operated configuration; only closing the inlet and exhaust valve to the existing tank and open the heart valve. This allows charge hot water directly from the solar heat from the House.
Attention! These systems produce very hot water! A tempering valve your protection is verbrüht on the tap before that. You are regularly see temperatures of over 160 ° F (71 ° C) in the summer months, is much hotter than you can get are accustomed of your conventional thermostatically controlled heater. Temperature limited valve the temperature supplied to the faucet by mixing in cold water as necessary.
A pressure temperature relief valve (PTRV) must be on the hot water outlet of the approach blankets at temperatures or pressures mounted will be excessive. Here you find one of these valves on each normal hot water tank installed to. Is the code a safety measure, required. This valve works only in case of an emergency, and will often be replaced when it opens.

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