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And not to have none at all?
This could be the future of the construction of homes in the Tampa Bay area, said that long overdue constructor Marcos Rutenberg.
His company, Mark Tarpon Springs ' houses Rutenberg, opened last week in its first zero energy home. The 4,500 square meters, Mediterranean-style residence will be in the luxury of Palm Harbor Hawks Landing subdivision.
"Our houses are built very well," said Rutenberg. "But it is the time to be proud of something rather than just being nice."
The idea is to use materials that reduce the energy footprint of a home and provide it with renewable resources of energy.
Rutenberg recently teamed up with his friend, Alfonso Castañeira, a producer of Safety Harbor, to form Zero Energy America.
The two began plans for hatching intended for the zero-energy housing two years ago with a cup of coffee.
Rutenberg stated that the idea was Castañeira and sought the right Builder to make it happen.
"He called me for lunch, and our conversations end up feeling more at one interview that just talking to a friend", said Rutenberg.
The two hope to start a revolution green building that comes on every home in the United States in a zero energy building.
The crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Rutenberg well said, it is an example of why United States needs to be less dependent on oil. But it is not only cars, he said.
Buildings and houses are responsible for 48 percent of the greenhouse gases, while cars are only responsible for 12 per cent, said Rutenberg.
Zero Energy Latin received approximately $2.1 million in grants from the energy Office of Governor Charlie Crist and the Committee on energy and climate of Florida.
Part of the project is the production of a documentary on PBS of the housing process.
The House is expected to take about a year to build.
The company will also persuaded heavyweight industry to join the efforts. There are companies who donated materials and others offered products at a discount.
The participating companies are: Aurora Lighting Inc., Lifetile Monier, PGT industries, Blue World Crete, Kohler and Whirlpool Corp.
The House is built on a basis of specifications, means that buyer no yet.
It is likely that it will cost about $1 million.
How can each House was built this way, if the cost is so high?
Rutenberg and Castañeira plan to manifest itself. The Palm Harbor House will be one of the four luxurious zero energy houses, but the plan par to build more modest houses, also.
Your goal is to build a village of houses that range from 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet and sell for $200,000 to $300,000.
Rutenberg site said it has not been chosen yet.
"When building a House of luxury with zero energy standards, usually increases by more than 18 per cent of the cost of the House, but when cheaper homes are built, that percentage is low," said Rutenberg. "And with the time, gets back costs."
The first House are roofs and solar water heaters tile reflecting heat.
It will have low energy consumption of LED lighting and drywall without paper which prevents mold and mildew.
The House is going to use photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity and generate more hours of kilowatts of what is consumed, with what the Bill to zero, Rutenberg said.
"At certain times of the day in that build of the network", said Rutenberg. "Sometimes, feeds the back of grid or stored electricity for later use". "Basically, runs the meter backwards."
The walls are concrete, aerated autoclave, Rutenberg says is lighter than traditional concrete and support better the fire and wind.
"It is time that the sector of the construction itself measures functional performance," he said, "not only the fashion."

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