Introduction and application of off-grid solar power system

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1. Composition:

The off-grid power generation system is mainly composed of four parts.

Off-grid Solar power system = solar panel + battery + controller + inverter.

Introduction and application of off-grid solar power system-1

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System

2. Working principle:

The electricity generated by the solar panel is stored in the battery, and the DC power of the battery is converted into AC power for use by the home appliance through the inverter.

3. Product Features:

100% of the solar energy off-grid power generation system comes from solar energy, which can meet the requirements of non-electrical area. Facilitate households with unstable power and areas without electricity to meet household electricity requirements.

4. Cost Analysis:

The solar power system can meet all the power needs of the family, and the investment cost is closely related to the household electricity consumption. Before designing a complete system, it is necessary to calculate how much KWH is consumed in the home in one day, so that it is more convenient to calculate how much system is needed. The larger the system, the higher the cost, and the waste of investment or power is avoided.

5. Application:

Low-cost small off-grid solar power system to solve home lighting and fan problems

This solution mainly includes solar panels, controllers and batteries. It is characterized by low cost and can provide DC power to solve the power needs of household night lighting, DC fans and other equipment.

A.1KW off-grid solar power system

This program can produce 4.5KWH of electricity per day to meet the needs of families with higher electricity demand. It provides AC220V power supply, which can meet the needs of lighting, fans, refrigerators, televisions, and computers.

B. 5KW off-grid solar power system

The program can produce 23 KWH of electricity per day, households with relatively large electricity consumption and relatively good economic conditions. Not only meet the needs of its own electric lighting, fans, refrigerators, TVs and computers, but also to meet the needs of air conditioning, but because of the relatively large power of air conditioning, it depends on the time and quantity of air conditioning used every day.

C. 8KW off-grid solar power system

The program can produce 36KWH of electricity per day, households with large electricity consumption and better economic conditions. It can meet the electricity demand of daily household appliances. The normal use of air conditioners in general households can also be met, as long as the air conditioner is not turned on 24 hours. It can solve the power needs of home lighting, fans, refrigerators, TVs, computers, air conditioners and other equipment.


In general, off-grid solar power systems are suitable for areas with unstable voltage, no electricity, and relatively expensive electricity. Off-grid solar power systems are relatively expensive, but in the long-term perspective, every day in the family it takes a long time to accumulate electricity. This is not a small amount. It is so flat and the cost is not high. It also facilitates areas where there is no electricity or voltage instability.

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