Introduction and Characteristics of Solar Water Heating Project

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Brief description of Solar Water Heating Project:

Yes, solar hot water heater project is a large-scale solar heating system that provides hot water solar collector array. It includes a solar collection system, the water storage system, a control system and a pump system. Solar hot water engineering works is similar to a solar domestic hot water system. It's like a large central heating system.


Solar hot water project in the application:
Solar water heating projects, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools and other needs to meet a lot of hot water.
Characteristics of solar water heater project:
1. Solar Water Heating project is a collective supply of hot water, its performance, such as central air-conditioning systems;
2. Thermal energy to solar radiation, energy saving up to 80%;
3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the system is environmentally friendly;
4. The combination of the auxiliary heating system to supply hot water all day round;
5. Thermostatically controlled at any time, to ensure that the hot water supply;
6. Overheating protection, lightning, wind resistance, reliability and security;
7. The design architectural styles and hot water needs.

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