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If you are the who do your part to help the environment, recycling, use low-flow showerheads, weather proofing your home, and / or driving low-emission vehicles, then the next step in your green routine: solar water Heating.
What is a solar water heater (Solar water heating)?

A solar hot water system to capture the warmth of the sun, heat transfer to cold water, and combine with your traditional water heater, it saves much energy.


Not like Solar power systems (photovoltaic or "PV") to collect energy from the sun and light (photons) and convert it into electricity, solar hot water systems to absorb heat from the sun, and use it to heat cold water. Heat, because it relates to the technology known as solar thermal.
What are the benefits?
Solar water heating can have lots of benefits, some are as follows:
• reduce the large amounts of energy for heating water
• Reduce water heating costs
• reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

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