How to make Maintenance and Repair for solar Water Heating System

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Solar Water Heating Systems require regular inspection and routine maintenance to maintain efficient operation. In addition, from time to time, components may need to Repair or replacement. You should also take measures to prevent scaling, corrosion and freezing.
You may be able to handle some of the inspection and maintenance tasks, but others may need a qualified technician. Before any work, request in writing that the cost estimates. For some systems, it may be more cost-effective replacement of the solar system, closed or deleted, rather than repair.
Checklist on a regular basis
Here are some of the recommendations of the solar system component checks. You can also read the manual recommended maintenance schedule.
Collector shadow
Visual inspection of the collector's shadow on an annual basis during the day (mid-morning, at noon and in the afternoon). Shade the solar collectors can greatly affect performance. Your house or your neighbor's property as time goes on, new construction on vegetation growth may cast a shadow does not exist, the collector is installed.
Collector stains
Dust or dirt collectors will underperform. Regularly clean and dry, dusty climate may be necessary.
Collecting glass and seals
The collector glass cracks, and check to see if the seals are in good condition. Plastic glass windows, excessive yellowing, may need to be replaced.
Plumbing, piping and wiring connections
Looking liquid leakage pipe connections. Check pipe connections and seals. The pipeline should be sealed with mastic compound. All wiring connections should be tight.
Pipes, pipe and wire insulation,
Covering pipe, damage to the insulation of pipes and lines or degradation.
Roof penetrations
Flashing around roof penetrations and sealants should be in good condition.
Support structure
Check all the nuts and bolts of collectors installed on the tightness of any support structure.
Pressure relief valve (liquid solar heating collectors)
Make sure that no card to open or close the valve.
Dampers (solar air heating system)
If possible, to ensure that the damper is opened and closed correctly.
Pump or fan
Check the the distribution pump or fan (fan) Operating Listen, if they come, when the sun shines on the collector after mid morning. If you can not hear the pump or fan failure or pump or fan, and then in the controller.
Heat transfer oil
Antifreeze liquid (liquid cycle) solar heating collectors need to be replaced periodically. This is the task of the one best left to a qualified technician. If circulating in the collector, having a high mineral content of the water (i.e., hard water) accumulation of minerals in the pipeline possible by adding the descaling or a mild acidic solution of the water every few years, the need to be removed.
Storage systems
Check storage tanks, whether there are cracks, leaks, rust, or other signs of corrosion.

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