How to buy solar water heater

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Solar system, is a good thing in the long run, of course, the future is certainly good. But the following issues: imperfect, both by the host who is fixing a lot of problems must be fixed to improve the auxiliary heating; bad weather, more cost-cutting, less sunshine place is not suitable. Selection guide. Thermal output, the higher is the average efficiency "as possible, the average heat loss coefficient as low as possible." The two main components of the domestic solar power system is the all-glass vacuum tube solar collectors, referred to as the vacuum tube, vacuum quality directly affects the performance of domestic solar water heaters. Purchase should carefully observe the coating on the glass vacuum tube, coating of the solar system called selective absorbing coating, is the coating color be different due to different manufacturing processes of the manufacturers, but are usually black, dark blue or dark grey, good quality coating color uniformity, film no scratches, no peeling or shedding phenomenon, no stones or nodules on the phenomenon of glass, was the glass upright support within the institution, not loose. When you buy should also be pointed out that the vacuum tube between the pipe distance is suitable generally two middle distance of about 70 mm. 4 Stentdesign of domestic solar water heaters should appropriately and should be a sufficient strength and stiffness, to ensure sufficient capacity. Daily wind regions, especially coastal areas, purchase Home solar system should also note, that this product for the drag is designed. (5) currently on the market, different reflectors in the form of domestic solar water heaters, reflectors, reflective surface plate, flat. embossed aluminium reflector design of the product can all advantages of the vacuum tube take, look the surface absorbing heat, suck the highest degree of light Reproduziert, please credit: large Club buy network should also be considered, if purchase Home population to determine the size of the procurement of water capacity of domestic solar water heaters. General standard of 40 litres of water per person is reasonable. Four. Hot water heat pump   Heat pump for almost 40 years in other countries, but China is concerned, is still a new technology is still an immature technology, the domestic hot water heat pump, especially immature.

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