How it works for affordable solar heating system

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Nowadays, more and more people choose solar heating system for family hot water requirement, do you know why? Because it is affordable.
1. Being compared to all other alternative energy equipment options, solar hot water is the most economical choice for your renewable energy needs.
2. Federal and local irritation factors exist, a new system, can significantly reduce the cost.
3. Easy and simple for installation.
4. The system can be installed in one day or two days for most of the families.
5. Very little repair or maintenance of the desired during lifetime of the system.
6. After the installation is complete, the system is fully automated.
7. The added value of your home.
8. The new family of solar water heaters increase the resale value, at least the cost of the entire system.

How it works:

Solar heating system

Solar water heating system is very simple. You use the solar collector to collect the sun's energy to heat the solar fluid (water, depends on you what type of system installed), and then transfer to your home's hot water tank.
(1) When there is sufficient heat from the solar collectors, the controller will automatically start the pump.
(2) heating of the solar fluid is then circulated from the collector
(3) through a heat exchanger, the heat is transmitted to the
(4) the water in storage water tank.
(5) The solar fluid is then pumped back to the again reheated collector. This circulation loop will continue as long as the heat from the collector to draw. Have little or no sunlight, a spare heating system will be activated, in order to provide adequate hot water.

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