How Solar Energy Can Save You Money

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However, eventually the solar team is amortized in two to five years, depending on the amount of sunlight received a place in particular. At first glance this seems quite attractive, but the Ministry of energy and natural resources of Georgia advisable to invest the money in another thing if one is looking for a quick and easy economic result.
There are two types of equipment for solar energy: solar collectors and solar panels. The first is used for the heating and hot water. Meanwhile, the solar panels generate and supply electricity in residential and commercial applications.
"The price of a solar collector depends on the needs of the customer," said Zurab Mschvenieradze, owner of Techenergo, the financial resources. "If a family of three people use a solar collector to 150 litres of water heating for an apartment of 50 square meters a day and 55 degrees Celsius, the cost of the equipment will be $2,200."
In total, the price will reach close to 3,000 USD. Techenergo offers solar collectors with two years guarantee. The guarantee of a solar panel is 20 years.
"The price of solar panels also varies depending on the types of panels and amounts to about 4 USD per 1 watt." The supply voltage can be permanent or variable up to 1,000 volts ", explained Mschvenieradze."
"Solar collector is amortized over about two years in average use, which means 50 Celsius 55 litres water per person." The solar team is amortized over a period of five years in the case of using 200-300 kW / hour per month. "
"Despite high costs of installation, solar energy is very profitable and demand has increased since the invoice of services public for residues has joined the electricity bill." Main demand comes from the cities. But in reality solar energy is more cost-effective in regions ", he said."
The cost of solar energy per kilowatt / hour is approximately 0.40 dollars according to international prices. A kilowatt / hydropower electro time is approximately 0.13 GEL in Georgia. The difference in price is quite high, but after several years people will have free electricity in the case of solar energy.


According to the Ministry of energy and natural resources of Georgia Georgia today in the solar collectors and panels are being installed in the high mountainous regions like Tusheti, where energy hydraulic electro is not available. The first phase of this project has already been implemented and the second stage will begin in a short time. It is funded by a grant.
"On the other hand people who have enough money to buy a very expensive equipment mainly install in homes outside of Tbilisi", said Mariam Valishvili, first Deputy Prime Minister of energy and natural resources of Georgia. "Georgia is not ready for an intensive use of solar energy." 3,000 USD is a considerable amount of money for the majority of the Georgian population. Not many of them can afford it. The development of solar energy, the Government needs subsidies. This is almost impossible, since our economy does not give us the possibility to "."
"Here lies another problem." Material for solar energy needs special care. Many users are not aware of this and therefore the team suffers damage frequently. Solar energy is associated with several problems and is not likely used intensively in Georgia in the near future. It comes down to the additional comfort the everyday needs ", explained Valishvili."
"If people are thinking about investing money in solar energy, I advise them to invest in something else depending on your situation." On the other hand, investors be to put capital in this type of projects only will get this money back in about 50 years. Such projects are generally funded by donations, he added.
Solar energy is applied in the high mountainous regions, where the electro hydraulic power is not available. As a result of solar energy is also helping the development of eco-tourism.
The annual amount of sunlight received by Georgia is quite high. This depends mainly on the cloud cover, which is normal. The duration of insolation varies from 250 to 280 days in Georgia. This is 1, 360-2, 500 hours of sunshine. This rate is higher in Valley Shiraki, Llanos Gardabani, Achara low and high mountains of the Caucasus.
Annual total solar radiation per square meter is 1, 250-1, 800 kilowatt-hour. This number is equivalent to 120 litres of diesel or 130 cubic meters of natural gas.
If you plan to sell the energy generated, you should ask the Ministry of energy and natural resources of Georgia in order to obtain a license.

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